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Synchronize code and data

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Create on-demand Hybrid or Multi-cloud environments and deploy them in-sync within seconds

High-volume data across multiple DBMS?

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DROPS guarantees data integrity with synchronized deployment of software and data.

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Manage dependencies automatically and deploy your legacy and Web apps in sync.

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Proven, repeatable process reduces deployment effort by a factor of 3 on average.

Deploy, synchronize & track applications in today’s Hybrid Multi-cloud environments

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  • Synchronize database upgrades with application releases – data integrity guaranteed

  • Governance: traceability and audit trail of release management process

  • Continuous Delivery -> rapid feedback loop, shorter development cycles, faster time to value

  • Complete history and traceability of each and every deploy
  • Authority and role management for easy compliance
  • Integrate DROPS via REST APIs
  • Master/Slave mode for workload distribution
  • High availability with Active / Passive mechanism
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