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Plan and pilot your releases

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Orchestrate software releases, across ALL target platforms, all from one single pane of glass

Cross-platform application interdependencies? No problem.

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Pilot your releases with a 360 degree view across your data center, private and public cloud. Transparency for all stakeholders.

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End-to-end traceability for easy compliance.

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Manage a phased transition to cloud at your own scale and pace.

One single console to manage all your releases – on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud

Picto Orchestrate Rudder
  • Extend automation across all in-house software releases, vendor packages, database upgrades…

  • Schedule and monitor release progress across all applications in your estate

  • View deployment metrics in real-time with configurable dashboards

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  • Bidirectional integration with Jira
  • Jenkins integration for import, deployment and execution monitoring
  • Log management: Troubleshooting, analytics from DROPS REST API
  •  Compatible with Splunk, ELK stack prototypes
  • Compatible with Cloud vendor solutions (Azure monitor, AWS cloudwatch, GCP Stackdriver etc.)


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DROPS customer quotations

Quote we reduced the risk of error
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Our manual deployments could take 20 hours to complete – outside of office hours. DROPS has massively reduced deployment effort. We’ve saved manpower – eliminated evening work – and reduced the risk of error. In our time-critical environment, DROPS guarantees stability in production with automatic rollback. By choosing DROPS technology we have future-proofed our Release Management pipeline across all technology platforms at BPCE;

Bruno Parriaud

Bruno Parriaud

Cross-Functional Manager, BPCE Subsidiaries Operations Management

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