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Automate your infrastructure

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Simple instantiation and provisioning of your hybrid environments

Need fast and reliable target environments?

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Modularize your infrastructure and combine in different ways through automation.

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Provision the same environment, every time, with Infrastructure as code.

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Optimize your infrastructure costs and scale with your needs.

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Use templatization features to create and configure infrastructure as and when you need it.

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Schema Private and/or Public Cloud DROPS
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  • Delegate instantiation of infrastructure and middleware provisioning to any external script, Ansible playbooks, Puppet, or your tool of choice.

  • No vendor lock-in: extend DROPS with your chosen technologies, languages and tools

  • Compatible with Azure, IBM Cloud Private/Public, AWS, Google Cloud, …
  • Supports agent-based or agentless deployment
  • Based on SSH with key pairs
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Discover DROPS

DROPS Datasheet
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