Drops - Application Release Management Tool

With DROPS, simplify,
secure, and centralize your deployments

A single tool to orchestrate the deployment of your applications across data center, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructures.

How it works

One central tool for all teams involved in application delivery

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Synchronize code and data

Dependencies between diverse applications and DBMS? Ensure the integrity of both your software AND database upgrades.

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Full-stack Release Management

Working in a mix of languages, tools and technologies? Simplify your release management process, deploying your legacy and Web apps in sync.

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Plan and pilot your releases

Need to manage ALL releases from one single pane of glass? Centralize deployment planning and control at the application level. Easy, secure and compliant.

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Automate your infrastructure

Need hybrid, full-stack environments in a snap? Create on-demand Hybrid or Multi-cloud environments and deploy them in-sync within seconds.

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24/7 Availability

Need guaranteed uptime and continuous operations? Protect the integrity of your production environment with rollback-on-error across all target platforms.


DROPS integrates into your configuration

Integrate your tools using REST APIs

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We believe in open-source and
are active contributors to the movement

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A simple and comprehensive solution to accelerate your deployments

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Pilot and control application releases with one single solution, across Windows, Linux, UNIX flavor, IBM i and any cloud-based applications across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud.

Supported Platforms
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Agent-based or agentless

Select agent-based or agentless operation. No need for agent installation and management. DROPS adapts to your configuration and if agents are needed, they are provisioned automatically.

Supported Protocols
Codeless Picto


Plan and organize your application deployment from the web console with no scripting needed. Ease collaboration between stakeholders and technical teams.

Design your process

Multi-Script language

Extend DROPS functionality by adding scripts in the language of your choice: Ansible, YAML, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Groovy and more. Leverage any existing/proven deployment scripts you already have.

Script Management
picto Library script

Script library

Take advantage of a library of more than 250 scripts covering numerous deployment tasks, usable directly within your DROPS deployment process. These integrated scripts can be replicated and customized to fit your needs.

Script Library

Many customers trust us!

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CIBTP Testimonial

I appreciate the value, expertise and reactivity of ARCAD Software. We have the same mindset: excellence in addressing the needs of our clients and end users.

Caroline ANNEZ de TABOADA, IT Director and SIRIUS Programme Manager, CIBTP

IMSA Testimonial

With DROPS we have one single solution to manage all of our applications – new and legacy, in-house development and packages, software components and data. DROPS is easy to use and flexible enough to handle the different workflows used by our teams. We have achieved 100% automation and a rapid, smooth delivery cycle for our users.

Nicolas Cazottes, Product Manager, iMSA

Seylan Bank Testimonial

The ARCAD support team are always helping and run an extra mile to get the job done. I really appreciate the service ARCAD gave us during the project.

Kanaka Gunatilake, Senior Manager and Software Architect, Seylan Bank

With 30 years of experience in application lifecycle management in all business and technology sectors, open and legacy, ARCAD Software is positioned to meet the current challenges of digital transformation.

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