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Open Source

DROPS orchestrates a continuous value stream from business owner to end-user, with release visibility and control across all teams, technologies, and tools.

Unlike other solutions on the market, DROPS manages releases at the ‘application’ level, deploying functions, rather than just technical components. This makes DROPS intuitive and easy to use, allowing development and operations teams to work closely together to increase deployment frequency and respond smoothly to the demands of the business while guaranteeing service continuity in production.

Thanks to a powerful ‘platform abstraction’ layer, DROPS manages releases across multiple platforms such as Windows, UNIX, Linux, IBM i and also private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

From one single interface,
deploy easily, everywhere!

From one single interface,
deploy easily, everywhere!

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Applications today are often a complex mix of technologies – legacy and new tech evolving at different rates on different platforms, driven by different teams, each with their own custom toolchain. How to manage the dependencies within these applications, at the critical deployment phase?

DROPS offers a single point of control over the deployment of ALL your applications, legacy or open systems, on premise, private, hybrid or multi-cloud. Manage your backend transaction processing system together with microservices and Web front-end from a single deployment board. Deploy software and database upgrades across IBM i, System z, AIX, Windows, Linux, any UNIX flavor, and any DBMS.

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DROPS comes with unique, ‘built-in’ integrations with leading provisioning and containerization tools. Use the unique ‘DevOps for Data’ capability in DROPS to synchronize the deployment of your software and data, with built-in rollback on error.

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DROPS is an open system and integrates easily into any CI/CD pipeline..

Check out the RESTful DROPS API documentation(OpenAPI V3.0.3) »

DROPS integrates with enterprise DevOps tools such as Git, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Artifactory, Jenkins, CloudBees CI, Azure DevOps, HCL DevOps, ARCAD for DevOps and project tracking solutions such as Jira.

Drive DROPS from Azure DevOps or Jenkins via RESTful API.

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Jenkins pipelines

Use Jenkins to orchestrate DROPS import of artifacts and continuous deployment across multiple platforms.

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DROPS bi-directional integration with Jira enables easy tracking of tickets during import of artifacts and deployment of applications.

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Azure DevOps

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With the Azure DevOps extension, configure and run an import Instance on a DROPS server, with import of pipeline artifacts:

  • Configure and run a deployment instance on a Drops server
  • Retrieve the execution status of instances launched on a Drops server

You can automate the import and deployment into DROPS using an Azure Release pipeline. You supply:

  • Artifacts, referencing the build pipeline (or other sources like Azure Repository, Git, etc.)
  • DROPS import stage
  • Deployment stage
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Chances are your information system comprises a mix of in-house development and 3rd party vendor packages. Most vendor packages will have been customized for your specific business, using configuration data, settings, or even custom code. Any new release from the vendor must be re-integrated and re-customized, before deploying to your end-users – a error-prone and time-consuming task! And then, how to synchronize the deployment of all your standard, custom, and in-house developed code?

DROPS is a ‘universal’ deployment solution, taking care of your vendor packages, in-house development, and configuration data all from the same point of control.

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Open Source

Why open source?

At ARCAD Software, we strongly believe in the open-source model for many reasons:

For the customer

Open-source tools are easy to adopt. Once installed they can be used for a long period. This gives users enough time to assess the added value the tool brings to their organization, in their specific context (which may well be different from that of their peers).

Open source thrives on a healthy relationship between the vendor and the user. There is no risk of vendor lock-in. If you decide you no longer want to pay for support, this means that we as vendor have failed in our key mission of ensuring your satisfaction as users. You can then continue to use the technology for as long as you wish.

As open-source user, you have an influence on the future direction of the product. But if, after a few years, you are not satisfied with our roadmap, you can decide yourself to create a branch and evolve the code according to your needs.

For the vendor

Developing a product as open source means that the vendor can become ‘standard’ without having to spend huge amounts of money on marketing. Most of the investment is focused on product development. A good product can spread around the world by word of mouth. This is the ultimate accolade for a vendor and is the very essence of the ARCAD Software approach.

Open source is also a virtuous model for code quality. The code is made public, so it can be shared by a large community of developers. Young developers are enthusiastic about participating in such an adventure, which is a great source of motivation and pride.

About Eclipse Foundation

Arcad Software is a member of the Eclipse Foundation, which serves the Eclipse open source software development community.

This organization is supported by more than 330 members. The community gathers more than 400 projects representing 332 million lines of code.

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