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Synchronize code and data

Dependencies between diverse applications and DBMS? Ensure the integrity of both your software AND database upgrades.

Infrastructure Definition

Infrastructure definition

Define environments across any number of heterogeneous infrastructure items, on premise, multi-platform and multi-cloud. DROPS supports agent-based or agentless operation.

Process Modeling

Process modeling

Model your deployment process graphically, and draw dependencies in a single click. For more complex deployments, choose from a library of 250+ customizable scripts. ..

Database Upgrades

Database upgrades

In sync with your application deployment, automate the upgrades and rollback for all your databases, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 for I, PostgreSQL and more.

Release DROPS


Full-Stack Release Management

Working in a mix of languages, tools and technologies? DROPS simplifies the release management process, deploying your legacy and Web apps in sync.

Application Level deployment

Application-level Release

Manage deployments at the application level. Relieve your DevOps of tedious deployment tasks. DROPS takes care of artefacts and their inter-dependencies automatically.

Artefact Process

Artifact import

Import artifacts automatically from any external source: Git, Nexus repository, private SaaS, file system, … Artifacts are grouped into a DROPS release, regardless of their source.

Release Tracking

Release Tracking

DROPS keeps a complete audit trail over the deployment of each artifact in each release. Track who deployed what, on which infrastructure and environment and when.

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Plan And Pilot Your Releases

Need to manage ALL releases from one single pane of glass? Centralize deployment planning and control at the application level. Easy, secure and compliant.

Deployment Boards

Deployment Boards

Monitor your deployments in real time, using personal filters to customize your view. Plan and execute your deployments from an easy-to-use DROPS Deployment board.

Pipelines Boards

Pipeline Boards

Sequence your deployments in the form of pipelines. Once successful and validated, deploy to the next environment in the sequence automatically. Plan, execute and track your pipeline from the DROPS Pipeline board.

Validation & Notification

Validation & Notification

Automate your approval workflow with DROPS. Automated notifications prompt authorized user(s) to validate the next deployment in the sequence.

Real Time Dashboards

Real-time Dashboards

Track your KPIs with configurable dashboards. DROPS dashboards provide real-time observability over all key DORA metrics and more. Gain valuable insights to ensure compliance and full transparency over your value stream.

Provisioning Schema
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Automate Your Cloud Infrastructure

Need hybrid, full-stack environments in a snap? Create on-demand Hybrid or Multi-cloud environments and deploy them in-sync within seconds.

Pre Deployment Tasks

Pre-deployment tasks

Provision and instantiate environments multi-cloud (GCP, Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud). DROPS integrates with all industry-standard DevOps tools (Ansible playbooks, Azure DevOps, …)

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Secure 24/7 Availability

Need guaranteed uptime and continuous operations? Protect the integrity of your production environment with rollback-on-error across all target platforms.

Built in Rollback

Built-in Rollback

In case of error, automate the return to last stable state, across all platforms and DBMS. DROPS rollback guarantees the stability of your production environment.

Responsibility Matrix

Responsibility Matrix

Secure your deployments with customizable roles and ‘segregation of duties’.

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